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[Admin] bilumer aAdmin posted Thu at 13:00

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Hello everyone, AZMC is in need of everyones help if it is going to grow back up how it used to be. There are many ways that you can help. As many of you know AZMC is ran off of donations and the amount of players on the server. More players means more votes which means more free advertising. Also donations help pay for the server bill. Currently it is costing around $40 a month to run the server. All money donated above that is helped towards advertising. I have already spent around $100 out of pocket this time to put the server back on its feet. From getting people to create the advertising banners, renewing ips, website cost, and server bills. We have also received a good amount of donations since starting up. But more would be better.

Here are some ways to help AZMC(Some are so easy to do):

- Voting: You can vote everyday 3+ times at

- Playing/Being active: While I am advertising no one wants to come to an empty server with no players, more players active online, the more new players will want to join and stay.

- Invite your friends: That is the easiest and cheapest advertising on azmc.

Donate: Even $1 can help the server a ton with things. 

- Apply: We are desperately in need of Designers and Moderators.

Site Activity: Some of the fun while not on the server can come from reading things on the site, feel free to post stuff in the forums.

Bump/Boost the server: If you have any freetime please visit and create a profile and add a diamond on the server in the top left corner of that screen. It helps a lot!

Other Notes:

I am looking for a good amount of donations before late August. I am going to be leaving in September for military related stuff. And I won't be active as much on the server. I will be paying the server off for about 3-6 months not sure yet(depending on donations). So I don't have to worry about paying for it while I am gone.